Our data driven approach generates frequent, consistent, rapid returns while providing life changing economic events for founders.

Tricent Capital is currently accepting limited partners into the Tricent Early Exits I fund.

Founders Score

In continuous development for the last seven years, based on over 35,000 founders’ test results and over 2,000 companies, the test measures a founder’s personality and fluid intelligence and can predict the likelihood that someone will become a successful tech entrepreneur with 85% accuracy, regardless of their idea, locale, or demographic.

Fundability Score

Built on a foundation of data science, we use sophisticated algorithms to measure and assess over 40 data points across five broad categories of every company we target. Looking scientifically at product, market, currency, team and operations in order to determine the investment potential allows us to remove emotion from the equation.

Exit Potential

The combination of the founders score and fundability score determines the companies Exit potential, the specific potential for that startup to return three to five times the total investment capital we will put in, accounting for all follow on rounds, fees and expenses. Our exit potential calculation takes into account time thus finding early exits.

Angel Investing Video Series

Angel investing is lucrative but risky.  Most people who dabble in Angel investing do so without a good understanding of what they are getting into.  They don’t generally understand how illiquid their investment is, the time to return value on the investment or what to do to manage it. Most importantly they don’t understand how to find and evaluate the right investment or how to best manage it.  This video series answers all this and more demystifying the process and providing people a system that they can follow to generate consistent returns.
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Through our scientific approach, we only invest in startups who attract the best talent and create the most innovative products

Our Story

In 2015, we set out on a path toward the reinvention of venture capital in America with one goal in mind: Prove that founder friendly equals investor friendly. With a simple dream and loyalty to our principles, we sought out founders and investors from coast to coast. We had the profound privilege of learning firsthand problems founders and investors face with venture capital. Entrepreneurs and investors are ready for change. We have developed a viable and innovative solution: Tricent Early Exits Fund I, focused on creating win wins through a new approach: Generating multiple, consistent returns year over year while creating lifechanging economic events for founders. Together, we will remind ourselves that investors and entrepreneurs are not as different in terms of their goals and values as some might think.